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@Lillias They look amazing. I will be interested in whatever answer you get. I have elements 15 , and like you there were only 2 brushes in the download, and I had the devils own job installing them.
This morning I had the idea to try the brush set in Affinity Photo and after doing that I was able to establish that the set I purchased contains the full set of Artistic and Texture brushes. What is missing appears to be what Jessica calls the Aligned brushes so maybe they are not compatible with PSE or Affinity for that matter.
I will post whatever reply I get.
Apologies to everyone. I didn’t mean for this to turn into a saga...

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That's interesting Diana. Thanks for that info; I have just sent off a message to her so will wait and see what she says. Thanks again.
You are welcome Lillias. No need to apologize. I am looking into purchasing Photoshop Elements and possibly Affinity Photo during the holiday sales and I would like to know if they are compatible. Please keep us updated.


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I have had a reply from Jessica who says “that is odd indeed, I have never had an issue like that come up.”

She asks
JUST BY CHANCE….are you loading the TPL files? because there is an option that if you click ‘current tool only’ in tool presets where it won’t show all of your tool presets.

Well I think this must be in PS because in PSE I don’t see anywhere to click ‘current tool only’ and I have no idea what a
TPL file is nor is there a TPL file in my download.

ALSO TO CHECK: sometimes if your photoshop is acting weird with brushes, it helps to RESET your preferences

My brushes are fine.

IT ALSO COULD BE — that because your in elements, SOME OF THE BRUSHES are not 100% compatible so therefore won’t show… that’s a possibility! if you find that the case, I can do a partial refund as well as an option!
Message me if you find for some reason you can’t open all of the brushes, it’s no problem to refund the product!
thanks! jess

I think that last one is probably the answer to the problem - that some of the brushes are not 100% compatible so won’t show. I have responded to Jessica that I have no interest in a refund as the brushes I CAN access are good value and they were at a knock down price to start with.
I took a chance purchasing the brushes as I wasn’t sure if they would all work with PSE or not so in some respects I have only myself to blame.

I also sent a screen shot of the brushes loaded into PSE so she could see what I was talking about. Should she get back to me with anything further I will post here.
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Thank you @Lillias . I am still a bit on the fence, because it really was a job getting even the samples to load. I tried in Affinity designer they loaded,you have to use them in the pixel persona, (the samples ) they work as a normal brush there, but they do not have the same lovely effect. I can not find the comparable tool as "pattern stamp " in Affinity, but it might be hidden somewhere. AF is not my go to software,and I am not familiar with all its quirks. For now I think it is an Adobe brush only though. I still might buy to, it looks good even in in limited capacity.
Thanks so much for starting this thread, I don't know why you should be sorry, if we don't tell each other what is out there no one will ever find new things,and I like Sagas, ,- gives me some interest in life.(y) 🤭


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I didn’t have any difficulty loading the brushes in PSE or Affinity Photo Vivi. They work as normal brushes in either programme while also working in a special way when used with the Pattern Stamp Tool in PS/PSE.

I’ve raised a question in the Affinity Photo forum re the Pattern Stamp Tool as I couldn’t find anything comparable there either.
Assuming (because I don’t know) that you are on a Windows machine Vivi the way I load brushes if I want them permanently loaded is - I go to the following path on my PC

C: > Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop Elements 2020 > Presets > Brushes

Open the Brushes folder and copy and paste your preferred brush file into that folder and when you open Photoshop Elements again your brushes should be there no problem.
I know that’s not supposed to be the way to do it but it works.

Gosh that was quick - I have a response to my question on the Affinity Forum.

No, there is no Pattern Stamp Tool, the closest you’ll get is using a bitmap fill from an image saved on your computer with the gradient fill tool.

Have to find out what that means and how to do it and even then I don’t know if the brushes would work in the same way...ho-hum...



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Well I found out how to do the bitmap fill thing in Affinity Photo...see video link below BUT unfortunately the brushes don't work as they do in the Pattern Tool in PS/PSE...:(