Texture Challenge - June


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I like textures - whether it is in papers, graffiti, accents or elements. You know those things that catch your eye and make you want to touch them - whether they are rough or smooth. Examples - rocks and stones, water running in a river or creek, wood in fence or background, bricks in a wall, leaves piled on the ground or in the air, woven baskets, sand on the shore, metal objects.. I am sure you can come up with even more textures.

For this challenge, use at least 3 different textures in your layout. You may add as many as you want as long there are at least 3 different ones.
It makes it more interesting if they are of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Here is my layout

Textures: leaves in background paper, stone in photo mat paper, wood in gate, barrels, crates, wooden wall + stone wall in photo and metal in Lincoln statue and the lantern.
I used colors from the masked photo to select the papers and elements for the page.

I look forward to seeing your layouts. Put them in the Monthly Challenge gallery, then come back and post them here.​


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Kay, the texture challenge will be fun!


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I love textures they ad so much interest to a page! I will be back with a page for sure!


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Wow, Heidi... you nailed this one! Fabulous nature layout! Love it all. Glad you joined the challenge.

debby todd

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I used wood, sea foam, sea glass, shells, sand ... thank you for the great challenge



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Debby, I love this LO with the rough sea, the sand, shell, fence, and sea-grass... lot of texture in it. Love the quote, too. So glad you joined in the challenge.


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Here is my try. I used filters, brushes and cant even recall all I did over a couple of days.. I blended in a photo into the background and used it again in the boxes. Loved doing this.. thanks for a great challenge.



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I love the way your photos go in different directions but the picture remains straight.


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Love the textures in the background papers. Great stacked frames for the photo! Like how you tucked in the small blended photo in the lower corner. Yes...the views from the Eiffel Tower are fabulous - I remember them so well!