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had to be there 7:15 am which is much better than the 6:am previously mentioned - very well set up surgery center - nice, professional peeps and lots of them - he worked on it 'bout an hour, said it went off without a hitch - big ol' taped bandage from above the brow way down below my nose - I go for a follow up tomorrow morning and that will be removed which is a good thing cuz it's already itching - then he'll see me in 2 wks - it was weird having a numb forehead! still keep those fingers crossed and thanks for all the well wishes JA6


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It's good that your surgery is over Evelyn. Hopefully there will be a successful outcome for you.


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Evelyn, very good news that you had your eye surgery this morning. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Big hugs...


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So glad the surgery went without a hitch and is over's amazing what they can do in such a short time these days.....hope all goes well today and fingers crossed this is going to be the best thing for you, what a difference it'll make for you :-62 :-62


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great news, now be good, and do a you are told, until it heals properly. 🌹


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Happy Days :-c glad its over for you. Take care of your peepers and look forward to your pages soon xxx :O)
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Glad to hear the surgery went well and wish you a speedy recovery xx