GAMES The Person Below Me (TPBM)

Love Gin and Tonic, my second fav drink after Rum and Coke.

TPBM loves to garden.
I absolutely HATE gardening. I do keep it clean and tidy, but it's definitely NOT my happy place.

TPBM likes to go to the movies.
I take my mum to the movies occasionally but it's a bit loud for me so I don't really enjoy it.

TPBM likes to crochet
I used to be a really good knitter, but I've never learned how to crochet.

TPBM loves to travel.
Na I’m a short ass 😅 I always wanted long legs (sigh)

TPBM loves riding the train!!
No, not short dresses for me (not at my age and stage) Actually I have very few dresses; I mainly wear trousers/jeans etc.)

TPBM likes red wine.