GAMES The Person Below Me (TPBM)

I guess I wouldn't be alone with this one, don't we all have dreams?

TPBM is happy with life
I try to be happy with my life and I AM grateful for what I have. But I have a lot of major regrets about bad decisions that I have made in my life. :(

TPBM is a carer for a family member.
My 5 year old grandson (oops sorry, he's nearly 6) lives with us. Does that count?

TPBM plays cards
Still don't swim anymore.

TPBM likes crossword puzzles
I used to be, bit of an early to bed more often these days.

TPBM likes to sew.
I sewed for years and loved it - could really make some interesting outfits! Don't even have a sewing machine anymore.

TPBM likes to walk.
I don’t like to walk as much as my dog does but I do it most days for her 😂

TPBM likes to play scrabble
I play scrabble everyday online.

TPBM looks on the bright side
Yes I mostly look on the bright side.

TPBM can use a hula hoop ring (if They feel like it :-i )
Oh my! You are joking. Just imagine my body witha hula hoop ring! LOL

TPBM always uses make up when outside the home.