GAMES The Person Below Me (TPBM)

Of course that goes without saying

TPBM has more than one pet
No, we only have one dog now.

TPBM puts sunscreen on before going out in the sun.
I do hate washing floors and put it off longer than I should

TPBM has held a small alligator.
Never got that close to an alligator! I did pet a snake once - a small one held by a volunteer.

TPBM has ridden on an elephant.
No not been on an Elephant.
TPBM Has been on a cruise.
Yes I have been on a few sea cruises and one river cruise.

TPBM likes frogs.
I'm more used to toads than frogs - neither bother me

TPBM has bird feeders in their yard.
No but I give the water in summer,does that count ?

TPBM. Likes to visit public gardens
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Yes love to visit public gardens when younger.
TPBM Helps out in a charity shop.
yes I do help out in a charity shop, The book shop part (in aid of Stray Animal clinic, and neutering to.)

TPBM is a keen observer of life
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I do like to watch people - and then I practice silence

TPBM will compliment a stranger
If we had been introduced and started talking about things I might compliment the stranger on something.
I would never go up to a stranger and compliment them on something.
TPBM loves reading interesting novels.
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I do like to read interesting novels and a lot of them were written or are set in different eras.

TPBM has a compost pile or bin.
Yes we have a pomegranate, lime, grapefruit, orange and lemon trees

TPBM grows their own vegetables and/or herbs
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not anymore but had a huge garden and fruit trees - put up so much food when the kids were growing

TPBM has used a pressure cooker
I used to use a pressure cooker constantly years ago, but seem to have moved away from it, no reason I can think of for this, just a change in the way I cook I guess.

TPBM uses an air fryer.
No I don't use an air fryer
TPBM Has a chip that is filled with cooking fat to cook chips on top of the hob.