GAMES The Person Below Me (TPBM)

There was a time, long ago, when I did like convertable rides (especially when I was the driver - haha) but no longer.
TPBM: has at sometime in their adult life (that is, when it was by choice, not a happenstance of childhood) gone skinny-dipping.
I've never been skinny-dipping. We have a privacy fence and a few years ago had an above-ground pool in the back yard. I might have been tempted, but we have a hospital right behind us and our backyard is on the helicopter flight path.

TPBM enjoys watching fireflies (we call them lightning bugs) on a summer's night.
Love lightning bugs - their numbers are reducing all over the world

TPBM has made spaghetti sauce from scratch
Its been many, many years now but, yes! My first husband grew so many tomatoes each year and was too stingy to give them away that I had no choice, really. I'd make a few batches each summer and freeze the sauce for use throughout the winter.
TPBM - colors/dyes their hair regularly.
I don't color or dye my hair. I have been accused of it since I have very little gray (and I am old -LOL). Believe me, if I colored it I would pick a nicer color than it is which is pretty mousy.

TPBM likes auto racing.
My 1st husband LOVED cars and raced and LOVED car racing ... all kinds and went to them, all over the country ... OMG!!! ME, cars are necessary to get from A to B and that's it... Car racing - hell to the NO! and today is The Indy 500!

TPBM Likes putting together jig saw puzzles
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Jigsaw puzzles are not my favorite thing, but have worked on them occasionally.

TPBM likes to watch old horror movies (the type that seem pretty corny thises days).
I Love old horror movies.
TPBM Knows how to change a punctured car wheel.
I am the Queen of shopping on-line and have never had a problem (knock on wood)

TPBM has gone on a cruise.
I've only been on a day cruise. This was years ago and out of some port in Florida. It was fun, but didn't;t spark any desire to go on a longer one.

TPBM likes to go to fairs or carnivals.
Here in my area the volunteer fire departments raise a good bit of their monies thru summer carnivals and they are so much fun and well attended.

TPBM knows how to sew well.
Ha ha, I could go on for quite a while with all the sewing mistakes I've made. Inside out arm hole liners, and other things I've had to tear out and redo. Sold my sewing machine many years ago.
TPBM ice skates in the Winter.
I only had the opportunity to ice skate once in my life. I actually enjoyed it - especially the hot cocoa when we were finished skating.

TPBM knows how to ride a horse.