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TV show challenge.


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The cock and bull challenge will return in January but in the meantime …..
A bit of fun ( hopefully ) in this 2 part challenge.
Most of us have a favourite Tv show or series. What is yours ? Can you describe it using Word Art ?
For this challenge, please split your page in half,it doesn't have to be a visual split, but please only use half the page. Using word art only describe the show. No photos, no title, no name !
Post your page in the monthly challenge gallery, and in this thread, so I know you are taking part. Part 2 of the challenge will be posted next Sunday/Monday
Have fun.


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:-28 Interesting Vivi! Thank you for the challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.


Challenge Host - December
Vivi, you made my day, my month...thanks so much for this challenge!
I am such a fan of TV shows, I watch lots (and movies of course) and I have more than 3 favorites, but I decided to go with my very best favorite one, I can't wait for the 2nd part