CHALLENGES Twins but not the same...September challenge


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Challenge Host - September
Welcome to a new Image -Photo challenge!
This is a challenge to boost your freedom and creativity, I want you to have a lot of fun, enjoy the challenge and embrace it looking beyond the limits of Digital scrapbooking,
and keep in mind just one thing: There's no wrong way to do this challenge, just be yourself and enjoy!

Create a layout using one Photo or image, duplicate it, (it can be an image or an extraction or one of each) use them both on the same page but make them look different like twins but with different personalities, look, and uniqueness,
the style, kit, colors, everything else is your own choice, here is my example:

I am using an image from freepicks. I am using a few effects in each one, but one has a cartoon effect, the eyes and mouth are different.
I am using my newest collection: Art Splash by Kakleidesigns