Use It All Challenge


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Your page looks wonderful and the sweet little mouse has seemingly much joy of needlework!

Sue C

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Loved the colours !!!! .... I had to create a quilted patchwork background with all the papers .. I've also added a few extra vintage images ... most of which I cleaned up just this week .. is that serendipity ? I think so :) ... Thank you for this beautiful little kit, it was so much fun to play with



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Thank you to all for your great comments....This photo was in my daughters photo folder from Italy last year.When I saw the mini, it brought this photo to mind.....


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My layout using Alexis Design Studio PLAYFUL mini (again ... I've worked with it before!)

The flowers are red corn poppies (even the pink ones) and California gold poppies in bloom at Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas. They are the world's largest producer of red corn poppy seeds! (It's a wildflower seed production farm)


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I'm loving all these wonderful pages. Thank you everyone for your participation in this challenge.


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Like the pocket scrapbook look. Amazing how the little guy got the paint stroke with a crayon (heehee)