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I heard from Barb today. She hasn't been around so much lately and I now know why.

She has told me that I can share this news with you all.

She has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her jaw, cheek and facial nerves. Sadly there is no medical treatment that is available to help her. At this stage she thinks she possibly has just 6 months or so left before this dreadful disease will claim her life.

She is being so very brave. She tells me that she has had a good life and is comforted by the fact that she will be reunited with her late husband, Glyn, and will no longer have to live alone without him.

She said that she is just going to make the most of what time she has left and may even have a go at creating a page sometime.

I know that like me you will be shocked to hear this news, but you will all join in with me and show your love and support for Barb.
Thank you Robyn for letting us know about Barb,It is such a shock to hear such sad news from Barb, we lost touch after her Husband died, I can't imagine what she must be going through now with stage 4 of Cancer..Barb is a good friend, we first met on daisytrail and had some good times together,when daisytrail ended for us it was devastating... then we went to flickr, from there we heard you reaching out to all the daisytrail girls, I joined your group here at Just Art..I told Barb about this friendly site and Rosie, Barb came straight away, Rosie came a bit later..
I have missed seeing Barb with her wonderful pages and challenges she did...I still miss her and always will...I am devastated by this news.
Robyn, thank you for sharing the news about Barb. I am so sad and I have missed Barb being here. Sending Barb loving thoughts and big hugs...
Thank you Barb for letting Robyn know and allowing her to share with the community and in tears at the news… I can’t believe what’s happening ... !
Have sent a PM
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I’m sad to read this news Robyn, Barb was such an active member here and I had noticed that she wasn’t around. Please let Her know that we are all thinking of her and her family.
That is awful news, Robyn and it saddens me very much. I often thought of
how she might be. I was hoping she would be successful in her battle against
Cancer but ...... She is in my prayers !
Thanks for letting us know Robyn. That's so sad. We meet people though this site and although we never see them face to face, we learn a lot about them by the tit bits of information we read. I have a soft spot for Barb because she always seems so lovely. It was awfully sad when she lost Glyn and now for this to happen to her is devastating. Selfishly, I will hate not to be able to see her lovely pages and play the games with her, and just to read her kind words. I do believe she will be reunited with her beloved Glyn, and I hope her family will stay close to help her through this horrible time. My heart goes out to Barb and her family.
Thank you Robyn for letting us know, what a terrible thing to happen to Barb. I really cant say anything that the others before me have not already said. I feel the same as them all.

If you are in contact with Barb again. please relay my love and best wishes for he upcoming battle. So sad.
Thanks for letting us know Robyn...this is so sad and wondered what happened to her. I send prayers for her and family during her upcoming battle with this awful disease.
Barb always appreciated my humor and would reply at times and then make me laugh! I can picture her smiling face in my mind at once. I am really pissed!
How dreadful for Barb and her family! I at a loss for words so please pass on my hugs and peaceful thoughts.:-f:-f
I am sending heartfelt thoughts of a peaceful and pain controlled last few months for Barb. No one deserves this least of all Barb who has already been through the wars....
My heart aches to hear this sad news about Barb. She was always such a delightful person and loved seeing her pages and comments.
Thank you Robyn or letting us know about Barb. It's so sad.
My thoughts and prayers are with Barb and her family :-f:-f