weekly picks 6th January tp 12th January


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WOW, this was harder than I thought, so many great pages to chose from. Anyway, in no particular order, I have chosen the following

I just love the majesticness of this tiger and the page really highlights its beauty

everything about this is lovely. The colours just blend beautifully, it makes me want to visit

It is the size of the main picture that attracted me, the presence of the eagle, the eyes staring, the blending etc is so good that the eagle is the star of the show

The layout is so different from the usual horizontal and vertical layouts, the word art and the overall feel is wonderful

I adore how they are walking on water and how it blends into the scrapping elements. I thought the use of the kit was masterful!

I know, I also made this a GSO but what I love about it is the fact that the colouring and subject are just so as one. I adore this, and will be pinching this idea!

This was chosen for its use of a personal photo in the traditional method of scrapbooking, the whole page ties together beautifully

the simplicity of colours and designs proves that sometimes less is more. This really stood out for me


This was my first pick of the week and stood the test all week!. Love the manipulation of the photo and the journaling and I almost got a sense of being there.

That's it, I cannot tell you how many I actually chose and had to the whittle it down to these. So many great pages and so many great ideas. Please note I made comments AFTER each photo, think they should have been first
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Thank you Megsmum. Your picks and comments are great and much appreciated. :)

Congratulations to everyone who is featured above.



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Lovely selections, congratulations to all featured xx


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Fabulous selections and comments. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for including one of my pages xxxxx


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Gorgeous selections your comments are beautiful on every page ... congratulations everyone Thank you so much for choosing my page.xxx


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Very nice selections and comments. Congratulations everyone! Thank you for including my page. xx


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Fantastic choices! Congratulations to all!


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Thank you so much for picking my page....lovely choices xxxxx