What is a bookmark in the forum and gallery?


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Bookmarks in the forum can be handy to keep track of something in the forum that you may wish to refer to later on.

Bookmarks in the gallery can be an excellent way of keeping track of your favorites. If you have been used to having My Favorites in VBulletin, then this is the way to go to store those favorites.

1. Find the bookmark in the gallery here...


2. Find the bookmark in the forum here ...


3. This is how you access your bookmarks.


4. You can edit your bookmarks.


5. You can also create labels when you are bookmarking an image or forum post........and a tip when creating labels ....... don't just type in the label and press save because it will not be saved. Type in the name of your label, press enter on your keyboard (and you will then see that the label has been created), and THEN press Save.

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@Robyn thankyou for this great tutorial. I was just having a play with this and discovered if when you use the bookmark for your favourite gallery pages... give it a label such as "favourite" and then when looking at all your bookmarked items you can type in "favourite" and you will not need to look through possible forum threads you have bookmarked if it is just a gallery images you are looking for.
I should have mentioned that Anne-Marie, so I've added it above. Thanks!
Robyn, thank you for the bookmark tutorial! I did not use My Favorites in VBulletin but will remember to use bookmarks in the forum and gallery.