What is a conversation and what are alerts?


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Conversations are what was previously known in VBulletin as private messages.

Conversations allows you to contact another member privately without any other members being able to see your message.

If you click on your name at the top of the page, you will see Preferences in the pop-up window. Click on that. This is where you can choose what alerts and notifications that you want to receive. You can change them at any time in the future.


If you click on the envelope icon next to your name in the top navigation bar, you will see a list of past conversations. If you wish to delete any of those conversations from the list, click on the one you wish to delete and choose leave.


If you have new alerts (bell icon) or new conversations (envelope icon) you will see a red box (with number) indicating that you have new notifications that you haven't yet viewed.
Robyn, excellent Conversation tutorial!
With the alerts, are you able to delete the alert notification after you have seen the alert? Not the actual message just the alert notification.
Unfortunately Karen, I don't think there is. I will ask in the XenForo is there is a work around for this.

EDIT: I asked and got a reply. It's not possible. Hopefully XenForo will fix this in the future.
I've set this in admin for the following.....

As you can see the alerts will disappear from the alerts list 4 days after being viewed. Unviewed alerts will automatically expire after 30 days.