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What is Your Creative Personality Type?


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Thanks for posting this Rose. It's well worth doing just for the audio and the graphics. ............and for what it's worth, I think in my case it's reasonably accurate!

I am the Maker.


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What a fun, and beautiful test! Awesome graphics!
I am a Dreamer, but there were lots of questions I could have answered both, so...


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Well that was interesting and I would say pretty spot on for me......I came out as a Visionary. I daresay the results would change according to your mood! Thanks for sharing the link Rose x


Turns out I'm an Adventurer - So much inspiration - so much little time
Lol and there's me thinking I just had a head buzzing with ideas!

Rose Thorn

...but there were lots of questions I could have answered both, so...
Oh, for sure, me too. I actually wasn't sure how to answer a few of them. I'm also a very different person than I was 6 years ago, before being inflicted with a brain injury and becoming disabled (less apt to take chances now).


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Ooh, that was fun so did it twice as couldn't decide on some of the questions. 1st time I was a Thinker and then 2nd time I was an Artist. Does that make me Auguste Rodin :giggle::-28


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That was interesting, like some of you there were questions I could have answered both ways, I guess it depends on your mood. I came out a dreamer. Thank you Rose I love doing things like this.