Whisper Challenge - June 2018


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Today starts the new Whisper Challenge - thank you all for your fantastic layouts last month.
I hope some of you would like to play and if it is your first time you are welcome. :-59

Please read the text below (I know it is a lot). There are changes or additions from time to time.

It is a special Scraplift Challenge. It is like "Chinese Whisper“. So you don’t know which kind of page will come to you. Scrap what you see .
Rather than just take inspiration from the page you receive, the idea is that you retain all the design elements of the page, and just substitute the elements, papers, photos etc. with your own choices.

For example, if the page you receive has a vertical strip down the center of the page, you would also put a vertical strip down the center of the page. You can certainly vary it it with different papers within that strip, or perhaps make it your own by giving it lace edges etc., or even make it wider or thinner, but by making only these sorts of changes you have still maintained the integrity of the design. If the page has a cluster in the top right corner, you would also put a cluster in the top right corner. The cluster can be quite different in composition, but there must still be a cluster in that corner, once again maintaining the integrity of the design. If there is no text on the page you receive, then you would also ensure that there is no text on your page and vice versa.

The game is - I will send my page to the first person who would like to play.
Scraplift my page and send it back to me. Then I will send the scraplifted page to next member who would like to play and so on. At the end of the month I will show all pages. You must be able to reply your scraplifted page within 48 hours.

Please have a look here from time to time. The member who is working on the layout is marked up in bold and red. (Sometimes emails are lost or in the spam folder).

- Send your application to: whisperchallenge@dg34.de. You will get an answer and your name will be listed here in the order the applications come in.
Application time: June 1st - 8th
- Scraplift the page I will send to you during the next 48 hours and send it back to me so the other members have time enough to do the same. Think about there is one at the end of the row!
- Don’t forget the credits!!! (name of the kit and the designer, also credits for the photo. Be careful if you use photos from Wikipedia or Google - often they have a copyright!)
- Please send your scraplifted page in 600 x 600 px, 72 dpi. For the Daisytrailers: Please use the size you normally do for the gallery.
- Don’t show your page (this means: galleries and social media) until I have shown all the pages here in this thread!
- Have fun!!! :-16

entry list:
- Rollinchen (Britta)
- Ursula
- lieblingsomma (Silvia)
- Anita
- Robyn
- Lella
- Bright Eyes (Kay)
- Barb
- Nemla (Vivi)
- jakrn (Joyce)
- jotte
- Elk Fan (Sherry)
- Migueline
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I will have to miss this one Gina as we are on vacation on the 16th -26th I look forward to next months challenge.xxx


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Enjoy your vacation, Mary - next month will be another Whisper Challenge - so no worries