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Win a $10 gift certificate from Kakleidesigns


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Would you like to be in the draw to win a $10 gift certificate from Kakleidesigns' store? Thank you Karen! You can see Karen's store HERE.

To be in the draw just complete at least 10 challenges for the month of January and list and LINK these challenges in this thread.


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Thank you Karen.
1 January Quote challenge LINK
2 January Mini Kit Rosie's Challenge. LINK
3 January. Mix and Match Mini Kit Kakleidesigns. LINK
4.January Kakleidesigns template Challenge.LINK
5.January ... Ode To January Vivi.LINK
6.January Mood Board Challenge LINK
7.January HSA mask Challenge LINK
8.January Storybook Illustration Challenge.LINK
9.January From My Window Challenge.LINK
10.January ATC Challenge.LINK
11.Fonts with a twist challenge.LINK
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Rosie..Mini Kit Challenge....Link
Big Photo Challenge...Link
Mask Challenge....Link
Mix and Match...Link
Quote Challenge...Link
Finish The sentence + 1...Link
Font Challenge...Link
Mood Board...Link
From My Window...Link
Clean and Simple...Link
Progressive Day 1...Link
Progressive Day 2...Link
Progressive Day 3...Link
Bingo Inspiration Challenge...Link
ATC Challenge...Link
Template Challenge...Link
Let it Go....Link
Progressive Day 4...Link
What's in your Pocket....Link
Ode to January...Link
Story Challenge...Link
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Karen, thank you.

1. January Quote Challenge LINK
2. Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge January LINK
3. January Mix and Match Challenge LINK
4. Ode to January Challenge LINK
5. January Big Photo Challenge LINK
6. January ATC Challenge LINK
7. January Mask Challenge LINK
8. January Template Challenge LINK
9. From My Window January Challenge LINK
10 January Mood Board Challenge LINK
11 January Finish the Sentence Plus 1 Challenge LINK
12 January Clean and Simple Challenge LINK
13 Let It Go January Challenge LINK
14 What's In Your Pocket January Challenge LINK
15 Bingo Inspiration January Challenge LINK
16 January Progressive Scrap Final Page LINK
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