CHALLENGES Win a $10 gift certificate from the store of your choice


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Thanks so much, dear Robyn for your kindness

1- Template challenge -hosting-LINK
2- July scraplift challenge-Hosting- LINK
3- July Recipe by numbers challenge-hosting-LINK
4- July Use it all mini-challenge- hosting-LINK
5- Big photo Challenge July- Link
6- July color challenge- LINK
7- Rosie's mini kit July challenge- LINK
8- Poster Inspiration Challenge- LINK
9- July Clean and simple challenge- LINK
10- July quote challenge- LINK
11- July Mask challenge- LINK
12- Finish the sentence + 1- LINK
13- Ode to July- LINK
14- Gimme gimme-LINK
15- ATC challenge-LINK
16- Gi'me G'ime part 1-LINK
17- Gi'me G'ime part 2-LINK
18- What makes you happy challenge- LINK
19- Gi'me G'ime part 3-LINK
20- July progressive challenge-LINK
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Thank you so much Robyn xxx
1. Quote Challenge July : link
2. Big Photo Challenge July : link
3. Color Challenge July: link
4. July Recipe by Numbers Challenge: link
5. July Scraplift Challenge : link
6. Clean and Simple Challenge July : link
7. Poster Inspiration Challenge : link
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Thank you for the chance to win Robyn.
1 ATC Challenge LINK
2 Colour Challenge. LINK
3 Recipe Challenge LINK
4 HSA Mask Challenge LINK
5 Ode to July Vivi. LINK
6 Mini Kit Rosie. LINK
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Complete at least 5 of our challenges during the month of July and list them here (linked) in this thread.

At the end of the month you will go in the draw for a $10 gift certificate from the store of your choice. I'm hoping to see lots of participants.

That's really generous Robyn, thank you.............