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Word of the Week (July 28-August 3): Sad


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This one really touched my emotions... so much that I had to make 2 layouts this week.

We often forget to think about how the men in our lives are affected by sadness. Many men appear stoic and reserved about deep emotions like sadness. But we can see the emotions if we look at their facial expressions or body language. I had seen both of the photos on Pixabay and knew I had to scrap the emotions I saw.

Mr Lonely

This is another photo I saw on Pixabay and felt compelled to scrap it. As most of you know, my husband died last year and this photo grabbed my heart. In looking for something to give words to my feelings, I found this song by Beth Crowley... "Living Without You".

You can find this beautiful song sung by Beth Crowley on YouTube.

Both of these really show so much sadness, Kay.

1. The dark colors are perfect for the theme. Great blending and design.

2. Wow, gorgeous page. The lyrics and the photo look like they were meant to be together.