Word of the Week (Nov. 10-16): Black


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Word of the Week (Nov. 10-16): Black
  • You may interpret the word/subject in any way you wish.
  • Create any type of page (traditional scrapbook with a photo(s), artsy page with or without photo(s), art journal page, etc.) with your interpretation of the word. Create in whatever way you are inspired to do; the only rule is to HAVE FUN!
  • You can add the word to your page or not. It's YOUR page and your choice!
Post your page in your Member Gallery and add the Project 52 Gallery as an additional category. Title it P52 Week 46: Black


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Thank you Kim! At first I was going to go with a dog breed like a Lab, but convinced myself to think outside of the box - as you can see, I didn't entirely escape.:)